Student testimonial

Student Chen Guiwen - MSc Food Technology

Chen Guiwen came to Wageningen University to study Food Technology after her supervisor in Beijing told that Food technology at the WUR is among the top rank in the world.

I realized that consumers’ wishes are our motivation.

Study choice

I come from southwest of China, which is a poorer region compared to east of China. I graduated from Beijing Forestry University with a bachelor degree in Food Science and Technology. I wanted to further my study in a foreign country, to see another side of the Earth. Therefore, I come to Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Student life

When I arrived in Wageningen, I found it is a comfortable city, people are very nice. I often have dinner with the whole corridor; join birthday parties; received gifts from “Sinterclaas”. Moreover, study atmosphere in university is inspiring. We have lots of group work. I was enlightened a lot during discussion with group members. Teachers are wise and responsible. Apparatus are sophisticated.

Study programme

In 5 years food science study, I learned much about technology, such as food chemistry, food physics, engineering and so on. I haven’t found my favourite direction until I took the course. This course taught me how to change product properties to reach consumer wishes. I studied technology for many years, but I didn’t think why I should study that. From this course, I realized that consumers’ wishes are our motivation. Nowadays, it is a consumer oriented market. Companies should produce products that can reach consumers’ requests. I should research on something that is useful for satisfying consumers’ wishes. I like and I am also good at communicating with other people, to think why people make this choice, what influence their decision. I have a technology background. I would like to be a bridge between consumers and food technologists. Of course, I will go back to China, but not at this moment. After I spend one year in the Netherlands, I studied with people from various parts of the world; I experienced so much cultural diversity. The more I experience, the more I wonder. I plan to pursuer a Ph.D degree after graduation.

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