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Management of natural resources, land use planning, nature conservation, environmental monitoring and sustainable agricultural development, require reliable spatial information. During the two-year master's programme, you will discover that Geo-Information Science is increasingly being called upon to solve complex environmental problems in these domains.


The increasing complexity of our environmental problems and the need to manage them has resulted in a phenomenal growth in the discipline of Geo-Information Science. Geo-information forms the basis for the development of knowledge and insights needed to analyse and solve the problems of our social and natural environment.

Geo-Information Science in Wageningen

The MSc Geo-Information Science (MGI) at Wageningen focuses on solving spatial problems in rural areas and urban fringes by using geographic information systems (GIS) and earth observation imagery (remote sensing).

Geo-Information Science combines expertise from the fields of:

  • information and communication technology (ICT);
  • geographical information systems (GIS), spatial modeling, statistics, remote sensing, photogrammetry, GPS and mapping;
  • environmental and social sciences such as land use planning, geography, soil science and communication.

This MSc programme is targeted towards students with a Bachelor degree in the field of Environmental Sciences (planning, soil and water, hydrology, forest and nature, ecology, biology) or Information Technology.

Learning outcomes

    The learning outcomes for Geo-Information Science ensure that when you graduate you can be confident of your competences in 4 main areas: Geo-information knowledge, research skills, communication & teamwork, critical scientific thinking, and  personal self-assessment. For details of the learning outcomes see learning outcomes Geo-Information Science.


    More than 25 years of international education in geo-information science and remote sensing have made our MSc programme what it is today: a challenging learning environment for students from all over the world. The close and personal contacts with staff and fellow students will make you feel at home quickly.