Facility Management

Are you curious about how physical facilities and services can impact user’s behaviour and organisational outcomes in different sectors (e.g. office, healthcare, education, retail)? Facility Management at Wageningen University allows you to improve your scientific and practical skills in this area.


Facility Management is one of the profiles you can choose within the master's Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, especially for students with a Facility Management background (e.g. HBO Facility Management).


Students can do a HBO-minor / pre-master's to enrol. Either during their HBO study as a minor or after completion of their HBO
study as a pre-master's.

Facility Management in Wageningen

Facility Management is a management study with an interdisciplinary perspective. Within this perspective Facility Management is the integral and integrative function within organisations that supports primary activities. It is associated with a broad spectrum of supportive tasks and functions which vary from providing and managing the accommodation to ensuring that employees and guests feel welcome (e.g. reception), cared for (e.g. catering, cleaning) and safe (e.g. security). This perspective is however too limited.

In practice, most workspaces are still based on the experience and intuition of architects and designers who come up with a design solution. While this produces satisfying results in some cases, at Wageningen University you will learn to understand the impact of a facility design solution on how people in different settings function and perform. Moreover, you will learn to find better solutions for organisations, where the physical facilities and services match needs, cultures and workflows of staff and guests, and support strategic business objectives. You will also learn to work together with different stakeholders in an increasingly networked business environment creating facilities innovation.

Promising future

Facility Management at Wageningen University is designed to give graduates a distinctive position in the labour market. Alumni are recognised for their scientific approach towards business problems, and valued because of their broad perspective on organisational challenges combined with evidence-based facility management skills. This all boils down to Wageningen University being a value adding intermediate station for students seeking a high quality position as (corporate) facility manager, management consultant, or aspire a key position at a renowned (global) service provider.


The Facility Management programme at Wageningen University consists of specifically related couses and additional courses related to management and research skills:

  • Evidence-Based Facility Management
  • Facility Management Innovation
  • Advanced Business Strategy/Case Studies Management
  • Academic Consultancy Training
  • Internship and MSc Thesis

Additional courses focus on General Management (e.g., Advanced Management and Marketing, Technology, Innovation and Strategy, Financial and Business Management), Space (e.g., Environmental Psychology), and Research (e.g., Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions, Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics, Mathematics for Social Sciences).