Future career - MSc Resilient Farming and Food Systems

The experience and diverse skills our students acquire working in interdisciplinary teams on practical cases, make them eligible for a broad range of jobs. Graduates of this programme will have career opportunities in agribusiness, research, extension, non-governmental organisations and public administration.

In the picture: Lara - policy adviser


After graduation

  • Scientist: Working at universities or research institutes focused on organic production research or the marketing of organic production.
  • Extension Officer: Promoting and disseminating knowledge on organic agriculture. Working for ngo's or in the public sector.
  • Consultant: Working for a bank managing investmentfunds in sustainable enterprise. Or working in the tropics advising International Development Agencies on sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Quality Assurance Officer: Being responsible for the quality control during the production, processing or retail phase of organic products. Working as inspector for certification organisations that monitor fair trade or organic brands like EKO, Mileukeur and Max Havelaar. 
  • Marketeer: Working to boost sales of certain products or productgroups in large retail or manufactering organisations such as Unilever or Ahold.
Functions of graduates