If you have completed an academic programme which is well-related to Tourism, Society and Environment you may be able to include several optional courses in your programme. This means that you can adjust the profile to your personal wishes, background and interests, and either choose a further specialisation or a broadening of your programme. When you opt for a further specialisation, you can choose to cluster some courses into a minor, which is a combination of at least three courses (18 ECTS) in one domain.

Minor subjects

In principle, a minor can be compiled from all subjects in all science fields at Wageningen University or at other universities. The possibility to take specific minors depends on the scheduling of optional courses, therefore the availability of minors might differ per year. To assure the required level of quality, the minor must be approved by the Examination Committee following a recommendation by the study advisor. A successfully completed minor is listed on the diploma.

Examples of minors

Examples of minors that have been taken by students in the last years:

  • Marketing and management
  • Communication and innovation
  • Nature conservation and policy
  • Human development and humanitarian aid
  • Rural Development
  • Education

Due to rescheduling we cannot assure that you will be able to take these minors. Your study advisor will help you to find optional courses or minor programmes which correspond to your specific interest.