The research part of the master's programme consists of 6 months of research. This research is conducted under supervision of a staff member of the Cultural Geography, Environmental Policy or Sociology of Development and Change Group.

Thesis Examples

In general the following research themes, inspired by the trajectory a student follows, are covered during the thesis process:

Tourism & Development

  • Examining the complex relations between stakeholders involved in tourism development in "The 'unpaved' roads to development: change and continuity in the tourism development trajectory of Lake Sandoval”.
  • Researching in which ways (dominant) discourses interrelate with tourism development in "They just don’t get it: Local discourse dynamics around tourism development on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica."

Tourism & Natural Resources

Tourism & Global Change

Tourism & Experiences


The first step in working on the MSc thesis is the selection of a topic and a supervisor. Within the fields that are mentioned above students have to choose their own topic. In this decision process it is very beneficial to consult the study advisor and the thesis coordinator. The final decision to accept a MSc thesis topic is made by the supervisor. The research is concluded by writing a thesis, which is graded by the supervisor, together with another independent staff member (examiner). Every student also presents his/her (preliminary) results in a colloquium.