Last month

By now I’m already home, but it’s never too late to tell you about the last things I did in Norway.

After finishing my last exam we had about a month to work on a project about the influence of hydroelectric power on the hydrography of fjords, which I thought was very interesting. We ended this with a public seminar. Apart from the project we used the last month to do some last stuff, like some more hikes and fun evenings, and playing in the snow. We also went on our last excursion, this time not to study but just for fun. We went to the coast, visited the west cape and went surfing. I must say that sand blowing in my face, freezing cold and darkness are not my favourite conditions for surfing, but it was still a lot of fun.

When we went surfing we had wetsuits, so that was still okay. However, in this picture I’m not. Here you can see me and a friend swimming in our fjord. There was snow around and the water temperature was around zero degrees. In the beginning of the semester I swam in a glacier lake (2.5 degrees or so) and we came up with the idea to swim in the fjord in winter. It was very very cold but not so terrible when we got out. However we also walked a bit in the snow afterwards, so then we were really frozen. But it was fun and a nice end, doing something I also did in my first week.

The real ending was on the same day when we had some kind of graduation, including fancy Christmas dinner. This was really nice but also really weird since this was the very last thing we did together as a group. It was an amazing time and I will definitely miss them.

Even though I’m already home, I will post one more story about my road to home, that did not go quite as planned. So stay tuned!