The loving host family in Paro

This warm family has opened their home to me whenever my host Tashi and I came to stay here. Tashi, sitting behind me, grew up in this house and comes home every weekend. Tashi’s brother Phub Thinley, sitting far left, and his family live here. His wife Rewatsho, who is sitting next to Tashi and on the other side is her father, who is known as ‘Meme’. This means grandfather is Dzongkha.

I am so grateful to Tashi and her family for all the kindness and hospitality they have shown to me. By the end of my stay I felt I was part of the family and I will miss each and everyone here. I have had a fun time talking in English and playing sports with the three boys. They go by the names of Ugyen Thinley, Sonam Thinley and Wangchuck Thinley (from left to right). The two girls on each end, Kezang and Pelzom, have become like close sisters to me. There have been many sleepovers and talks between the three of us. Sometimes we spent the whole day in the kitchen, cooking and chatting away.

Many memories have been made here and I will be happy to cherish those moments. Until the next time that I come back to visit! My trip has come to an end and with that, I have made many friends who I will hopefully see once again within this lifetime.