MSc Honours Programme

The MSc Honours Programme will start this academic year and is intended for ambitious first year master’s students who want and are able to go the extra mile. Are you up for an extra challenge?

An invitation to the MSc Honours Programme

The MSc Honours Programme is extra-curricular and on top of your regular master programme with an additional study load of 15 credits. The MSc Honours Programme gives you the opportunity to further develop your talents and interests within and outside your study domain. There is one Master Honours Programme for the entire university and we start with a pilot of maximum 24 students this academic year 2023-2024. Interested? Please read the documents (links below) for more information and application procedure.

The deadline for application is Monday September 18th. Feel free to join one of our ‘Question & Answer’ sessions on Thursday September 7th, Monday September 11th, and Thursday September 14th between 12-14 hours at Honours, Forum 118.