Testimonials from Certificate Students

Feedback from students who participated in the Certificate Programme:

"I have a broad interest that goes beyond my study field. That's why I like to go to the Studium Generale lectures. After a lecture I often think about the content, and writing a report is a good way to process the information and to reflect on it."

"I am looking for an extra challenge outside of the usual scientific niche in which I find myself. In particular, the interdisciplinarity and the possibility of reflection on personal, scientific and social issues appeal to me."

"When I reflect on the entire certificate trajectory, I can only be positive. I have gained a lot of insight into various subjects and my general knowledge has expanded considerably. I have thought about subjects that I would never normally think about, and I often took them home. This often led to great conversations with friends, family and housemates."

"In addition to the expansion of my general knowledge, I have certainly also developed my personal competences. Due to the constructive feedback I received after every report, my reflections have become deeper, and more thorough and accurate as time went by.”

"I want to say that I enjoyed the certificate trajectory immensely. Different topics have led to different insights, conversations, thoughts and opinions. I have learned what reflecting is. I can therefore speak about this trajectory with nothing but praise and I recommend it to everyone. The world is a lot bigger than you think, and discovering it can already start in Wageningen."