Green Travel Top-Up

WUR students receiving an Erasmus+ grant can receive a Green Travel Top-Up if they use environmentally friendly, sustainable means of transport for their trip to AND from their host country. This includes travel by train, bus or carpooling (shared car, travelling with other students, but not with family members for vacation purpose before or after the study exchange period).

Submit corresponding proof and you will receive a single contribution of EUR 50, plus 2 additional days of Erasmus+ grant to cover your travel days.

In order to apply for the Green Travel Top-Up:

  • Thesis/Internship exchange students - Please fill in and sign the Declaration of Honour. Send the completed and signed Declaration of Honour plus proof of your green travel (for example a bus/train ticket, both ways!) to Please note that you will only receive the Green Travel Top-Up together with your second payment, after you have sent us proof of your round-trip travels.
  • Study exchange students - When filling in your grant application in Osiris Student, you are asked to indicate the way you are planning to travel to and from your exchange destination. After you have returned from your exchange, you will be able to upload proof of your travels as part of the upon return process. Here, you will also need to confirm that you traveled green, by checking the box "I hereby declare on my honour that I traveled sustainably to and from my host institution as part of my Erasmus+ stay abroad". You do not need to upload a Declaration of Honour. You will need to upload your train or bus tickets (both ways!). In case of carpooling, we need a copy of the gas receipts. Please note that you will only receive the Green Travel Top-Up if you traveled green both ways, and, if approved, the top-up will be paid together with the second payment of your Erasmus+ grant.

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