Secure machine translation

As well as ‘regular’, human translations, where a professional translator translates a text and an experienced proofreader reviews it, Wageningen in’to Languages also offers translations that are translated using a secure DeepL Pro licence.

When is a secure machine translation a good fit?

If there is too little time or budget for a team of human translators, or if the quality of the translation is not as important, you may want to consider a post-edited machine translation. However, be careful: if you translate your text using a free translation engine, such as Google Translate, DeepL or the embedded translation program in Microsoft Office, you forfeit any ownership, and the text can be freely shared online. In most cases, this is neither desirable nor permitted, as it violates privacy regulations and may allow sensitive information in the text to fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, raw machine-translated output is not always easy to read or understand.

That is why Wageningen in’to Languages also offers translations that are translated using a secure DeepL Pro licence. This means the contents of your document remain confidential, you stay as the sole owner of your data, and it cannot be freely shared online. An additional advantage is that the text is pre-translated using our carefully constructed term lists and translation memories, which ensures that fixed terms and phrases are translated correctly and consistently.

We offer several options for secure machine translation of Dutch to English and English to Dutch:

Machine translation with post-editing

For certain texts or purposes, you can opt for machine translation with post-editing. A professional editor checks the machine translations for accuracy, context, consistency, cultural conventions and (inclusive) language use. The result is a highly readable text, which is produced faster and at lower cost than a regular, human translation. Not every text type lends itself to machine translation with post-editing. Our staff will be happy to advise you about whether this service is suitable for the text you want translated.

Machine translation with a secure licence without post-editing

If you opt for machine translation with a secure licence without post-editing, you will receive raw output from DeepL Pro for a much smaller fee. This type of translation may suffice if the text is intended for internal use, is not widely shared and is definitely not going to be published. You can choose this option if there is too little time or budget for human translation and quality is of secondary importance. Machine translations without post-editing may contain inaccuracies and inconsistencies because machine translation engines are unable to account for context. They also struggle with cultural conventions and formal language, which can result in strange and even inappropriate translations. Our team is more than happy to advise you about whether direct machine-translated output without post-editing might suit your needs.

Are you interested in these services? We will gladly walk you through the available options and help you achieve the result you are looking for. We are always willing to answer any questions, so please feel free to call or email us.

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Translations made using machine translation engines do not fall under the scope of our ISO17100 certification.