This is why you want to choose Wageningen University & Research

Looking for a place to study in the field of healthy food and living? A place where you get to know many different cultures, where green is always around the corner, where sustainability is high on the agenda and where you can really make a difference? Then you must choose Wageningen!

Enjoy the green campus

We are proud of our lush green campus. Unique in the Netherlands! Of course, the campus is the centre of education, research and business, but also the place to get to know your fellow students, have a drink or just hang out.

Albert, student Biotechnology
I like the campus and have a few favourite spots. Especially the terrace on the 5th floor of Orion, the Spot and the garden in Lumen. Good places to relax, work or be with friends.
Albert, international student Biotechnology

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More than just talking about sustainability

In Wageningen, you learn about nature, sustainability and improving everyone's life on a daily basis. So you would probably like the university you study at to do the same. And indeed, we do.

We generate our own energy, we offer sustainably produced food in our canteens and we are committed to reducing food waste. In addition, we do not just purchase randomly: where necessary, we put pressure on chains to work transparently, sustainably, circularly and free of modern slavery.

And these efforts do not go unnoticed. SustainaBul recently named us the most sustainable higher education institution in the Netherlands for 2021.

If you would like to work on sustainability during your studies, take a look at the possibilities at Green Office Wageningen. Or for instance choose the Master Environmental Sciences in which you will learn about sustainability issues.

Duurzaamheid op de campus - zonnepanelen op Zodiac
I find the campus very beautiful. Besides the fact that the buildings are very sustainable, the campus is also very spacious, so you can chill out in the sun in the summer.
Marloes, Student Communication and Life Sciences

Learn about healthy food and living environments

The study programmes in Wageningen all have a link with healthy food and living environment. Are you looking for an education in that direction? Then Wageningen is the place to be!

You can choose from:

Do you need help with your study choice? We are happy to help. Take a look at all our information activities.

Good to know: our study programmes are highly rated. According to influential university rankings, the university ranks world’s best in the field of Agriculture & Forestry. And in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings Wageningen we are not only number 62 in the world but also number 1 in the Netherlands! Want to know more? View all rankings.

Besides programmes that undoubtedly appeal to you, there are also many other students (and teachers) who share your ideas.


Wageningen University & Research is a very sociable, but above all very personal university. You have a lot of contact with your fellow students and the lecturers.
Hilmar, student Biology

Surprising and cosy student town

True, Wageningen is not the biggest student town, but it is maybe the cosiest and most beautiful town to study in!

Because the city is not so big, everything is always right next door. By foot or by bike: you can be on the campus, on the sports fields or in the pub in no time. Handy, right?

At first, I was a bit apprehensive about going to Wageningen; none of my high school friends went there and the town struck me as a bit small. But I am still very happy with this choice.
Laura, student Nutrition & Health

And are you into walking, running, cycling or birdwatching? Then you' re in luck: because you are in the middle of nature here in no time. Think of floodplains (where many BBQs are lit in summer), meadows, heathland and forests.

Verrassend gezellige studentenstad
I find the study very interesting, everything at the university is well organised and because of the smaller size of Wageningen you quickly get to know people and feel right at home.
Laura, student Nutrition & Health

Student housing in Wageningen

As an international student you'll want to have a room in Wageningen. But what is it like to live here? Often, you only find out once you live here or once you already know someone. Would you already like to take a look inside? Then check out the blog for international students.

Living at Droevendaal

Droevendaal is unique among student complexes in its focus on sustainability.

It has 33 separate buildings, each accommodating 6 students. Each building is surrounded by a large garden. Some students use it as a vegetable garden or keep animals. They also generate solar energy and rainwater is collected and reused.

Want to know more about how to find a room? Check out the page Student Housing.

I live in a very cosy student house with 9 girls in the centre of Wageningen. I love it here, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays when we all go to the market together to get fruit and vegetables for our smoothie and of course some cheese!
Sanderijn, student Nutrition & Health

International vibe

With residents from more than 160 different countries and over 25% of international students (over 100 nationalities), Wageningen has a very international character.

Students tell us that the international students introduce a great deal of different knowledge, cultures, views and customs.

A valuable addition to our study programmes. But it also enriches your free time, think of international parties, cultural activities, shops and restaurants.

Let our students tell you more

Convinced or still in doubt? Read and listen to the experiences of our students, or chat directly with them!

Or chat now with one of our students

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