New seminar EU Farm to Fork Food Laws - expert interview

February 1, 2022

Wageningen University & Research develops and organizes education for professionals. The new seminar EU Farm to Fork Food Laws is scheduled on 29 March 2022. In this article course leader and topic expert dr. Mirta Alessandrini, lecturer & researcher elaborates on the new program.

Why is the program developed?

The idea behind the program is to provide a wide range of professionals with the tools to proactively anticipate legal and regulatory changes in the field of food law. The Farm to Fork Strategy poses a new opportunity to reconcile our food system with the needs of the planet and to respond positively to EU citizens’ desires for healthy, equitable and environmentally-friendly food. This entails, however, considerable changes in many EU regulatory frameworks addressing food from different perspectives. If we want to make this transition happen, we need to get ready to embrace such change and be fully equipped to adopt innovative solutions accordingly. 

What will participants learn?

Food law experts or interested – from regulatory affairs officers to food business operators and from lawyers to consultants –will be provided with an insight into the evolution of the underlying policy's dynamics and the upcoming changes in the food regulatory frameworks. NewOn the one hand, this will help them to develop their own vision on how to react to legal changes that have not been implemented yet and, on the other, this will prepare companies to anticipate and react to future legislation.  

Which topics will be discussed?

The seminar is divided into 2 sessions. The first one will be dedicated to deepdive the theoretical legal developments in the framework of The Farm to Fork Strategy, including an overview on its relationship with the three dimensions of food, quality, safety and sustainability as well as a close-up on the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, intended as the first concrete outcome of the strategy.

During the second one, in turn, participants will get familiar with the concept of “futurecasting”, with the aim of learning how to create competitive advantages based on future opportunities, rather than on past experiences or results.

Why would I attend this seminar?

What is really unique about this program is the interdisciplinary and collaborative approach adopted. Participants will not experience a traditional lecture but will become an active part of the learning experience. The new frontier of “sustainable food systems” will be addressed from different and interesting angles, where all the most significant legal innovations presented by the strategy will be investigated, real-life experiences shared, and concerns discussed. The extremely prepared poll of academic experts and professionals will guide the attendees throughout this exciting process and prepare them to navigate the future food law.

More information

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