Search tip #6: WUR Library Search

Published on
August 19, 2019

Are you looking for the full text of a specific reference or do you want to familiarize yourself with a topic? WUR Library Search is the perfect tool for you.

WUR Library Search shows you worldwide where you can access a resource

WUR Library Search is our search engine to browse through the WUR collections of printed and online books, articles, reports, encyclopedias, and much more. It is based on WorldCat Discovery, meaning that you can also request a printed resource from another university when needed.

Go from the reference to the full text with WUR Library Search

WUR Library Search quickly lets you go from reference to full text. Simply type your reference in the search box and click on search. Using the ‘View full text’ button or the ‘Get it’ button, you can access the full text of your reference. Handy when you receive a list of references to read for your study. Using the ‘Get it’ button, you can also request publications.

Familiarize yourself with your research topic

Using WUR Library Search, you can also search for background information on a topic before searching in a more specific database. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary related to the topic, and get an overview of the different aspects of your research topic. This will help you define your topic and you will be more efficient in your literature search.

Some tips to use WUR Library Search

  • Use double quotation marks "..."
  • Use the advanced search for more complex searches
  • Use the filtering options on the left-hand side. Filter by format, content, year, language, etc.
  • Click on the 'View full text' button to directly access the full text of a reference
  • Use the 'Cite' button to export a citation. Always double check the citation before you use it.

Do you need help with your literature search? Feel free to contact us for individual support.