WUR opens doors during the Sustainable Business Days

November 21, 2023

On November 29, WUR will participate in the Sustainable Business Days and show interested organizations that would like to become more sustainable themselves, how WUR is working on sustainable business operations, in particular the energy transition. Wouter van Leeuwen, WUR energy coordinator, will tell those present more about the Heat and Cold Storage (WKO) on campus.

'We will take those present through WUR's energy transition and show how we have shaped the energy transition in recent years and how we will continue with this in the future. After a short presentation and interactive exchange, I will take those present on a tour of the campus where I will show the various visible sustainable energy techniques. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussions during this walk, says Wouter van Leeuwen.'

In the period from November 16 to 30, 2023, organizations throughout the Netherlands will open their doors to show what sustainable measures they have taken. The days are intended for organizations and companies that want to become more sustainable and want to gain inspiration from others who have already gained more experience in this area.

The days are made possible by the Ministry of the Interior, the provinces of South Holland, Environmental Services such as Omgevingsdienst ZHZ, the Drechtsteden region and municipalities including the municipality of Wageningen and Zwolle.