Sustainable business operations

Climate, biodiversity and circularity are important, overarching themes in WUR’s operations. WUR carefully considers the social impact of all decisions that are made in these areas.

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Sustainable plans

In our Strategic Plan 2019-2022 (and the update 2022-2024) we give priority to promoting the vitality of staff and students, to offer healthier and more sustainably produced food in our canteens, and to reduce our food waste.

WUR in sustainability rankings

Facts and figures

  • In 2019, WUR’s CO2 emissions were 50% lower compared to 2010.
  • WUR is contributing to the energy transition: in 2022, 67% of its energy was generated sustainably.
  • In 2022, 65% of WUR’s waste was separately collected.
  • During the 2023 Biodiversity Challenge, 1373 species of plants, birds, insects, mushrooms, shellfish, mammals, fish, amphibians and algae were recorded on Wageningen Campus.

Other initiatives for sustainable business operations


    As part of the WUR UP TO initiative, WUR shows where it is contributing to sustainable operations in our buildings and on Wageningen Campus. 
  • Nature Positive University

    Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is one of the founding members of the global Nature Positive Universities Alliance, launched today during the UN biodiversity summit.
  • Green Office Wageningen

    Green Office Wageningen keeps us sharp by asking critical questions about sustainability. Refer to their website for an overview of the various projects.