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Projects - prof.dr. A (Aarti) Gupta

Main current research projects: 

Project leader TRANSGOV: This is an NWO-funded, four-year project on assessing the transformative potential of transparency in multilateral climate governance.  The project team includes two PhDs and a postdoc, as well as a network of international and national partners Overview:

Project co-leader REIMAGINE: This is a BNP-Paribas Foundation funded, three-year consortium project on anticipating climate futures in vulnerable regions of the global South. The project (a consortium with Utrecht and Oxford Universities) includes one PhD based at Wageningen and Utrecht and multiple other international and regional partners. Overview:

Project supervisor CLIMGOV: This is a Wageningen Graduate School Post-Doc Talent funded 2 year project being executed by postdoctoral researcher Ina Moller on the political implications of contemplating climate engineering options in tackling climate change. Overview:

In addition to the above, Aarti Gupta also supervises 4 more individual PhD projects on transboundary climate impacts; the role of land-based climate financing mechanisms in combating drivers of deforestation; transparency in the multilateral climate regime; and sustainable development diplomacy.