dr.ir. A (Anneleen) Kuijsten

dr.ir. A (Anneleen) Kuijsten

Academic Teacher/ Researcher

Dr. Kuijsten is a teacher/researcher at the Global Nutrition group of the Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University.

Anneleen Kuijsten (PhD) is an academic lecturer at the Human Nutrition department. Her teaching activities focus on nutritional epidemiology and public health (basic and advanced courses) and the design of sustainable food-based dietary guidelines.

Within the group of global nutrition, she is part of the team on sustainable diets across the globe. The research within this team focuses on the assessment of food quality in different contexts, the development of indicators for sustainable, safe and affordable food and the effect of different dietary patterns on environmental sustainability in different contexts.

She implements new scientific evidence and trends with regard to sustainable diets in the curriculum of the master's degree in Nutrition and Health by creating new courses and improving others.

She focused on integrating health and sustainability using diet modelling to create nutritional guidelines for consumers. Within this subject she supervises BSc, MSc and PhD students. Her teaching and research aims to connect the multidisciplinary areas of environmental sustainability, nutrition and health/disease with a keen interest in plant-based diets and diet quality.