dr. LAP (Bert) Lotz

dr. LAP (Bert) Lotz

Team leader Applied Ecology

Bert Lotz studied Biology at Groningen University and got his PhD based on a study at the Netherlands Institute for Ecological Research (NIOO-KNAW). He works at Wageningen University & Research in different functions since 1987.

Bert studies opportunities to enhance sustainability of agrosystems with smart applications of ecology and technology. He carries out research on pros and cons of the use of innovative breeding techniques to improve the sustainability of agriculture in various research teams. From 2017, he manages the research project Green Crop protection, commissioned by the Dutch government. This project aims to develop prototypes of new cropping systems which are markedly less dependent on chemical crop protection. Farmers using these systems, should be able to - at least - keep their market position nationally and internationally within a time horizon until 2030.

He likes to participate in dialogues with societal groups to learn more about how research and innovation can optimally contribute to a more sustainable food production to feed the national and global population.