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Education - JW (Jan-Willem) van Groenigen

As a teacher, next to reaching the learning objectives of a course, I aim to convey a specific attitude towards science to the students. I try to show that I am enthusiastic about my work; that science is not the rather sterile, unfailing march towards truth that textbooks sometimes make it out to be, but that it is instead a messy process, done by real human beings with their own interests, obsessions, failures and triumphs. I try to illustrate this with examples from my own work, as well as that of other people in the scientific field. I do this not to degrade the scientific profession, but rather to make it appear more tangible and real. Most of all, I aspire to convince my students that science is incredibly interesting and great fun. 

I coordinate the course Biological Interactions in Soils (SOQ-32806). Next to that, I teach modules in the courses Nutrient Management (SOQ-31806) and The Carbon Dilemma (SOQ-35306).


SBL50406 Capita Selecta Soil Biology
SBL50404 Capita Selecta Soil Biology
SBL50403 Capita Selecta Soil Biology
SBL50401 Capita Selecta Soil Biolology
SBL81830 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL81836 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL81824 MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL21806 Soil Quality
SBL79324 MSc Research Practice Soil Biology
SBL21806 Soil Quality