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Projects - ir. CWRM (Kees) Kaffka

Training programme for Deforestation-Free Supply Chains in Europe – EMMA4EU
The European Commission has recently approved the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), to ban the import of forest risk commodities produced on land (deforested after 2020).  The EMMA4EU programme (2023-2026) is connecting different disciplines and sectors (profit + non-profit) to develop a training programme for a new the “Deforestation Free Supply Chains – manager”. This ERASMUS+ programme

  • Deliver a ECTS accredited and micro-credential DFSC e-learning training course for DFSC managers;
  • Deliver a DFSC Specialisation school and internships for DFSC managers;
  • Deliver a vocational training on Supply Chain Risk and the EUDRs;
  • Develop a EMMA4EU Alliance and platform (a membership-based network);
  • Organise 4 national DFSC Awareness Workshops

Towards a Resilient & Sustainable EU Food system – East West connected
To seize the opportunity of food production in Eastern European countries, food- and agribusiness needs to test and try novel solutions in a risky business environment. This programme accelerates business progress during a 9 month period, supporting various company’s innovation challenge with mentorship, expertise from Wageningen University & Research, and connections to a pool of Dutch and local peer-entrepreneurs. The businesses should support the European Farm-to-Fork strategy. The first stage of the programme is focussing on Bulgaria, next step could be the neighbouring EU-countries (including Ukraine) and the Baltic states. In that way a multiplier effect will be established.