MK (Martin) van Ittersum MK (Martin) van Ittersum


Martin van Ittersum holds a PhD in Agricultural and Environmental Science from Wageningen University. He is a professor at the Plant Production Systems group of the same university. His research and teaching focus on research concepts and methods for the analysis, design and integrated assessment of agricultural systems from field to farm, regional and global level. He has led and is leading a large number of (inter)national projects dealing with global food availability, integrated assessment of agricultural systems, yield gap analysis, phosphorus scarcity, climate change and circular food systems. Since its inception in 2011 Martin has been leading the Global Yield Gap Atlas project ( to map the scope for increasing agricultural production on current agricultural land. He has co-chaired the 1st (2013) and 4th (2020) editions of the International Conference on Global Food Security and is chairing the 5th edition to be held in 2024 in Leuven. In 2015-2016 he was the interim-chair of the chair group Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University. He has authored over 200 papers in international scientific journals and supervised many MSc and PhD students from all continents. From 2015 onwards he has been a highly-cited researcher. He is member of the Academic Board of Wageningen University (since 2020). Since 2022 he is a visiting professor for two months a year at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala.