W (Wim) de Vries W (Wim) de Vries

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Wim de Vries is professor in the discipline of environmental systems analysis. His chair focuses on "Integrated nitrogen impact analysis" but his research domain is broader than nitrogen alone. His research is organized around impacts of the input of nutrients (especially nitrogen,phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potssium) and metals in agriculture and forests on air, soil and water quality, productivity and plant species diversity and related input boundaries/critical loads. He has a long lasting scientific experience in the domain of (i) soil chemistry in relation to air pollution, forest ecology and management (over 35 years), and (ii) sustainability of agricultural management in the Netherlands (over 20 years), Europe (over 10 years), China and at global scale (over 5 -10 years).

His specific expertise is related to the development and application of soil models at various regional scales including landscapes, countries and continents (especially Europe) in combination with field and laboratory research. This refers to the use and fate of carbon and nutrients (especially nitrogen and phosphorous) in soil, air and water. He has also gained a large experience in related topics, such as atmospheric chemistry and effects on (services of) terrestrial ecosystems, with special reference to forests in view of eutropication and acidification.

Wim de Vries published more than 600 research papers, book chapters and reports, of which over 250 papers in international peer reviewed journals on the topics above.Wim de Vries op Google Scholar Citations. He is on the Standford’s list of World’s Top 2% Scientists in terms of citations, H-index, and a wide range of bibliometric indicators.