Electronic Pan-European Learning System for Sustainable Agribusiness MBA Education (e-AgriMBA)

The project e-AgriMBA started in September 2022 and will establish an electronic Pan-European Learning System for sustainable agribusiness MBA education.

The project will broaden the course portfolios of existing MBA programs by creating online learning and teaching tools. It will extend the AgriMBA network by establishing a new MBA program at the Technical University of Moldova (TUM) based on the novel system. It addresses stakeholders’ specific needs which mirror the priorities of EU’s Digital Educational Action Plan. e-AgriMBA will improve, innovate and digitalize agribusiness MBA education and foster lifelong learning in and beyond Europe. Its online tools will train digital and language competences and promote the sustainability transformation of higher education. e-AgriMBA will foster inclusion by profiting from and integrating the diversity of its partners and make its digital tools equally accessible to universities and students with fewer opportunities to educate highly skilled agribusiness specialists.

More information can be found on the project website

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