Food Experience System (FES)

The goal of FOCOM (Food and Cognition Model systems) is to design novel test setups that can help us to understand how food and brain influence each other. Central in FOCOM is the development of predictive model systems that, after validation on high-quality equipment, will be translated in a number of dedicated, low cost behavioural and brain observation techniques.

The goal of work package 2 is to create a Food Experience System (FES), which is a measurement setup that uses a combination of implicit measures to assess product response profiles and predict product preference.

The Food Experience System (FES) is a unique state-of-the-art measurement setup which features include:

  • customizable multimodal product presentation (vision, olfaction, taste)
  • ability to assess anticipatory as well as consummatory responses; first product exposure as well as repeated exposure
  • the combination of different types of implicit measures including behavioural measures, ANS measures such as heart rate and pupil dilation and neural measures (EEG and NIRS) for improved performance.

Another part of FOCOM (WP4), carried out at the Division of Human Nutrition, focuses on the Cognition Test.


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