Facilities WURheo Rheology Center

Controlled stress rheometers

  • 2 Anton Paar MCR 300
  • 4 Anton Paar MCR 301
  • 1 Anton Paar MCR 302
  • 2 Anton Paar MCR 501
  • 1 Anton Paar MCR 502
Stainless steel (SS) and Titanium (Ti) geometries:
  • Concentric cylinder CC10 (SS + Ti) (solvent trap available)
  • Concentric cylinder CC17  (SS + Ti) (solvent trap available)
  • Concentric cylinder CC27 (Ti)
  • Double gap concentric cylinder DG26,7 (SS + Ti)
  • Double gap concentric cylinder DG42
  • Parallel plate PP50 (SS)
  • Parallel plate PP25/P2 (SS)
  • Parallel plate PP50/P2 (SS)
  • Cone plate CP20-2° (SS)
  • Cone plate CP25-1°
  • Cone plate CP50-1° (Ti)
  • Cone plate CP50-4° (SS)
  • Cone plate CP50-4°/Q1 (SS)
  • Cone plate CP75-1° (SS)
  • Interfacial cell with bi-cone Bi-C 68-2x5° (SS)
  • CC32-16.5 AL for rheo-optics
  • PP43/GL glass plate-plate for microscopy
Heating options:
  • Peltier elements for both concentric cylinder and PP/CP geometries
Other options:
  • Possibilities for Rheo-SALS, imaging (e.g. particle tracking)
  • Evaporation blocker systems on MCR301 and MCR501

TA Instruments AR G2


  • Double Wall Ring Geometry for surface shear rheology
  • Cone plate CP40-1°
  • Concentric cylinder CC14

Controlled strain rheometer

Rheometrics ARES 


  • Optical train for birefringence and dichroism measurements


  • Cone plate CP50-2° SS
  • Parallel plates PP50 SS
  • 2 sets glass parallel plates for rheo-optics
  • 2 concentric cylinders with glass bottom plate for rheo-optics


  • Anton Paar RheolabQC  (2)
  • 2 sets CC 27 (SS, smooth)
  • CC 27 (SS, grooved)
  • CC 39 (SS, smooth)
  • ST 22-4V-40 (SS 4 blade vane geometry)

Low viscosity fluids

  • Several glass Ubbelohde viscometers with Tamson TV12 waterbath.

Extensional viscometer

  • Caber extensional viscometer for viscous liquids

Texture analysis

  • Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyzer
Load cells:  50N,  500N,
Geometries: cylindrical plate probes, cutting probes, three point bending setup, syringe extrusion setup   
  • Instron Texture Analyser
Load cells:  10N,  50N,  2000 N
  • Climate chamber (for both SMSTA and ITA)  : T-controlled, RH-controlled

Surface dilatational rheometry

  • Sinterface PAT 1
  • Sinterface PAT 1 (including pressure sensors and droplet-droplet contact mode)
  • Teclis Tracker
  • Dataphysics spinning drop device (currently not operational)
  • Langmuir trough + IRRAS (TIFN)


  • Diffusive wave spectroscopy setup
  • Dual CCD DWS