Preliminary programme 2022

Fish Nutrition Workshop

Impacts on Gut Functioning and Health

Sunday October 16th Registration + Dinner

Monday October 17th Introduction to Nutrition

Morning Session:

• Current trends and Future challenges in aquaculture nutrition: Brett Glencross (IFFO, UK)

• Proteins and fish health: Margareth Overland (Norw. Uni Life Sci, NO)

• Fatty acids and fish health: Monica Betancor (Stirling U, UK)

Afternoon Session:

• Carbohydrates and gut physiology: Johan Schrama (WU, NL)

• Mineral availability and bone health: Erik-Jan Lock (IMR, NO)

• Antioxidants in fish feeds: Luisa Valente (CIIMAR/UP, PT)

• Toxins in fish feeds: Vivi Koletsi (WU, NL)

Evening Poster session Ι

Tuesday October 18th Gut Functioning

Morning Session:

• Gut function with emphasis on motility – lessons from a stomach-less fish: Sæle, Øystein (IMR, NO)

• Gut physiology and selective barrier function: Kristina Snuttan Sundell (Goth U, SE)

• Feed additives for fish health: Patrick Kestemont (U Namur, BE)

Practical afternoon session: Feed formulation Practical

Evening Poster session ΙΙ

Wednesday October 19th Fish (gut) health

Morning Session:

• Importance of microbiome: Fotini Kokou (WU, NL)

• Tools for (gut) mucosal health: Maria Forlenza (WU, NL)

• Digestive functioning and enzymes: Enric Gisbert (IRTA, ES)

Practical afternoon session: Fish microbiome analysis Practical

Thursday October 20th

Morning Session: Non-commercial lectures from researchers working in the industry

• Vitamins and Vitality: Esther Santigosa (DSM)

• Organic acids in aquafeeds: Saravanan Subramanian (Trouw)

• Live food versus dry diets in marine fish larval feeding protocols: Jessica Teske (INVE)

  • : Claudia Silva/Cinzia Boggino (Zinpro)

Afternoon Session: Tour to the Animal Experimental Facilities (Carus) - Optional