About the Water Systems and Global Change Group

We are a solution-oriented multidisciplinary research group focusing on water systems and global change. We are one of the chair groups in the Environmental Science Group of Wageningen University & Research.


To create new knowledge to contribute to sustainable water systems in a changing global environment


Sufficient, clean and climate-proof water for society and nature


  • To improve our understanding of water systems in changing global environment
  • To investigate the impacts on nature and people in changing water systems
  • To investigate water and land-use based options to mitigate global change
  • To identify sustainable measures and pathways to adapt to these futures
  • To educate students in water systems and global change
  • To engage in solutions for water-related problems
  • To advocate transition towards sustainable water systems worldwide, and in the long term

Too much, too little, too dirty: opportunities and threats in water for society and nature