PhD defense Gildas Assogba

March 6, 2024
On February 27 Dr. Gildas Assogba succesfully defended his PhD thesis entitled 'The biomass challenge: a systems approach to analyze biomass production and flows in the semi-arid zone of Burkina Faso'. Interested to read more, please find Gildas's thesis through this link.

The overall objective of my PhD was to improve food security in semi-arid Burkina Faso through better crop and livestock integration and production. To reach my objective, I developed with farmers several co-learning and co-design tools including: farm monitoring forms, serious games and models. The combination of these tools allowed a participatory description and exploration of the farming system. I showed that the current farming system management was only optimal to guarantee short-term food security considering farmers’ livelihoods and resources (e.g. cropland and grazing areas) available in their environment.

Moreover, working with farmers, I demonstrated that pathways towards improved crop and livestock production include options such as: higher nutrients inputs and nutrients use efficiency, improved feed production and storage as well as income diversification. The tools developed in my thesis can support the co-design of highly productive and resilient farming systems in semi-arid West-Africa.