List of edible insects of the world (April 1, 2017)

The list has been compiled by Mr. Yde Jongema, taxonomist at the Department of Entomology of Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands.

To suggest changes in the list or additions please contact Mr. Jongema.


Changes or additions will only be made when supported by (if possible refereed) publications.

The list is alphabetically ordered subsequently at the following levels:

  1. Bio Geographical Region
  2. Order
  3. Family
  4. Genus
  5. Species

Comments on the list of edible insects of the world:

Biogeographical regions are adapted in general from M.D.F. Udvardy (1975), a classification of the bio geographical provinces of the world.

Afr Tropical Africa
AU Australian
Neotrop Neotropical
Or Oriental
Nearctic Nearctic
Pal Palaearctic

Mexico is added to the Neotropical region and China to the Palaearctic region, although the northern mountains of Mexico are Nearctic, and most of southern China is Oriental.

Other comments

  • The names of species marked with “check” are mostly not valid, but this needs to be checked further.
  • M” is an insect eaten for medical purposes.
  • Groups as termites and stingless bees are the most problematic in getting the right species names.
  • Author name in brackets means that the original description of the species was published under a different genus name.
  • Frequent used synonyms (syn) are mentioned in the first columns of the list.
  • Hepialidae from China should be treated with care, because of recent changes.

Grafiek wereld edible insects 2017.jpg