Special Issues

We are organizing Special Issues in academic journals in relation to the CSSI 2022 Symposium.

  • A special issue in the journal Business and Society linked to the general conference theme is being organized by Domenico Dentoni (Montpellier Business School and Wageningen University), Amelia Clarke (University of Waterloo), Helen Etchanchu (Montpellier Business School), France Ralph Hamann (University of Cape Town) Martina Linnenluecke (Macquarie University) and Frank De Bakker (IÉSEG School of Management). The title is “Cross-Sector Partnerships and Socio-Ecological Systems Change: Navigating Tensions between Resilience and Transformation”. For more information on this special issue, see the Business and Society call for papers.

    • On June 27th, 2022, the Guest Editors will host an online Paper Development Workshop (PDW) related to this Special Issue in Business and Society, integrated into the CSSI 2022 Symposium. To develop ideas and receive feedback on working papers in preparation for submission to this Special Issue, authors can submit either full papers (according to Business & Society author guidelines) or ‘wild ideas’ (that is, innovative yet not fully fledged ideas presented in the format of a max. 1,000-word extended abstract). Only registered CSSI 2022 participants can join the PDW, so we strongly encourage prospective authors to also share their ideas with a larger audience, and to submit them as an abstract to one the of many conference panels (see the CSSI 2022 call for papers).
    • For consideration to this Special Issue PDW, full papers or ‘wild ideas’ should be submitted via email to Domenico Dentoni (d.dentoni@montpellier-bs.com) by April 30th, 2022. Participation in the workshop does not guarantee acceptance of the paper in the SI, and is not a prerequisite for publication.
  • A special issue in the journal NJAS: Impact in Agricultural and Life Sciences is being organized by Sietze vellema (Wageningen University), linked to Panel 17 on the topic of "How does system thinking enable cross-sector partnerships to strategize?"
  • A special issue in the International Journal of Water Governance is being organized by Art Dewulf (Wageningen University), Jill Slinger (Delft University of Technology) and Pieter van Oel (Wageningen University), linked to Panel 8 on the topic of "Addressing synergies and trade-offs in drought governance"
  • A special issue in the journal Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems is being organized by Alexandros Gasparatos (Institute for Future Initiative) and Cyrille Rigolot (French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment), linked to Panel 4 on "Transdisciplinary research approaches for understanding and transforming food systems". For more information check the special issue page on the journal website - please note the deadline for full papers is 14 February 2022 for this special issue.