AEHW2015 Programme

Is Africa Growing out of Poverty? Africa’s Economic Transition in Historical Perspective

30-31 October, 2015
Venue: Impulse, Stippeneng 2
Wageningen University Campus
Building no. 115 (Futurum)

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Session 1: Key notes on Africa’s ‘Green Revolution’

Friday, 30 October - 9.10-11.00

  • Gareth Austin (Graduate Institute Geneva) - Historical perspectives on a possible African Green Revolution: land-extensiveness and intensification in African economic history
  • Ken Giller (Wageningen University) - How small is beautiful?

Session 2: Parallel sessions - Friday, 30/10 11.30-12.50

Session 2A: Bureaucratic capacity and corruption

  • Valentin Seidler (Princeton) and Claudia Williamson (Mississippi) -
    Bureaucratic capacity and the success of institutional transplants
  • Hanaan Marwah (LSE) and Aaron Graham (Oxford) - African ‘corruption’ in comparative historical perspective: Institutional arrangements for government contracts in post-colonial Africa and pre-modern Europe

Session 2B: Money, credit and debt in East and South Africa

Session 2C: Fiscal policies and public finance

  • Leigh Gardner (LSE) - ‘Vague expectations and sentimental considerations’: Lending to Africa under colonial rule, 1880-1938

Session 3: Parallel sessions - Friday, 30/10 14.00-16.00

Session 4: Parallel sessions - Friday, 30/10 16.30-18.30

Session 4A: Economic growth and income distribution

Session 4B: Labour and taxation in Portuguese Africa

Session 4C: Ethnicity, mobility and development

  • Amin George Forji (Helsinki) - Political Sovereignty, Political Elites and the Crisis of Economic Development in Postcolonial Africa

Session 5: Parallel sessions - Saturday, 31/10 9.00-11.00

Session 5A: Settler farming in East and Southern Africa

Session 5B: Labour markets and structural change

Session 5C: West African slave and commodity trades

Session 6: Parallel sessions - Saturday, 31/10 11.30-12.50

Session 7: Parallel sessions - Saturday, 31/10 14.00-16.00

Session 7A: Disease, commerce and agriculture

Session 7B: Climate, conflict and violence

  • Chibuike Uche (ASC Leiden) - “They milked the cow but did not feed it to grow fat": Idi Amin, British government and the expulsion of Asians from Uganda

Session 7C: Missions, demography and gender

  • Alexander Moradi (Sussex) and Felix Meier zu Selhausen (Sussex, Southern Denmark, MMU Uganda) - Strategies of Christian growth: Evidence from locational choice in Ghana 1846-1938

Session 8: Closing address

Saturday, 31 October 16.15-17.15

  • Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University) - Cultural Dividends in Economic Development: Evidence from Post-Colonial Africa