Entrepreneurial Mind-set Monitor (EMM)

Acting entrepreneurial is of increasing importance because of the rapidly growing complex world we live in, caused by developments such as globalization and technological change.

University students are a prime example of individuals who are expected to become the change agents of our time to tackle the challenges that come with these rapid developments.

From the narrow perspective on entrepreneurship education, students are supported to become an entrepreneur.

From the perspective of the broad definition of entrepreneurship education, students are supported to act entrepreneurial and acquire entrepreneurial competencies, which they can use in other working life contexts.

This broad definition implies that the entrepreneurial mind-set of students becomes more and more important.

But what actually captures this mind-set and how can we monitor whether this mind-set develops overtime?

The purpose of this monitoring tool is to capture potential development of the (sustainable) entrepreneurial mind-set among students, based on their effectual decision making process.

The idea behind this app based tool is to probe students frequently throughout their study program to get a grip on their changing mind-set.

Frequently probing a limited set of questions/indicators provides us with detailed information on the development of the entrepreneurial mind-set.

Students are asked to weekly report on a very limited set of questions which are very easy to answer. It will not take them more than 2 minutes to complete the monitor.

The information will be gathered and visualized in a graph that shows the development of their entrepreneurial mind-set. The students will receive this graph after completing the monitor.

After completing the monitor (at the end of their study program), students will be interviewed to capture specific pivotal entrepreneurial moments throughout their study program and reflect on these moments.


This project is executed by Wageningen UR, in close collaboration with INTRINSIC (http://intrinsic.eu/).

For more information about the Entrepreneurial Mind-set Monitor, please contact: lisa.ploum@wur.nl.