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Since September 2008 ECS is involved in 5 NUFFIC-funded projects in Eastern Indonesia. In short 3 NPT projects have the objective of improving quality of education, research of and community services in the field of 1) Fisheries, marine, science and marine aquaculture, 2) Agriculture, and 3) Engineering. Together these 3 projects target a selection of 4 Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) out of a total of 9 that participate in the NPT programs in Eastern Indonesia; 8 of the 9 institutes participate in two complementary NPT projects that aim at strengthening their institutional management.

In all projects the Higher Education Institute should become more effective in supporting the region’s development. For example UNIPA (Ambon) uses a curriculum that is formatted after the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) or the ‘Bogor model’. Apart from its strengths, this curriculum is based on agricultural and technical conditions prevalent in Java but not necessarily at UNIPA. Soil fertility, rainfall, but also scientific knowledge and field research experience, and technical support facilities markedly differ between Java and Eastern Indonesia.  

The projects will try to find adjustment to the local needs, increase the relevance of the study programs and the practical competences of the students and staff of all HEI’s involved. To realize this, principles of competence-based learning will be used. This approach is not new in Indonesia and is part of several national objectives to increase the quality of higher education.

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