ENP welcomes Furqan Asif as Postdoc for the Aquaculture Governance Indicators project

Published on
July 16, 2020

A warm welcome to Furqan Asif, our new Postdoc at the Environmental Policy Department!

Furqan Asif has recently joined ENP as a Postdoc on the Aquaculture Governance Indicators (AGI) project, conducted in partnership with Seafood Watch. Working closely with ENP colleagues Simon, Hilde, and Sake, he will be involved in conducting and coordinating research, analysis, and implementation of the AGI framework through assessments of aquaculture systems in select countries. The aim of the project is to push forward both the theory and praxis around aquaculture governance by identifying gaps in governance systems and providing guidance to key stakeholders towards their improvement.

He is an environmental social scientist and holds a PhD in International Development (University of Ottawa), a Master of Environmental Science (University of Toronto), and an Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science (Western University). Furqan’s doctoral research focused on understanding the changing dynamics within Cambodian coastal fishing communities and small-scale fishery livelihoods through a labour migration lens. Fieldwork consisted of living in two of the three island fishing villages that were the focus of his research over a period of a year. His doctoral work adopted and incorporated social wellbeing, both conceptually and methodologically, with social resilience as a framework to interpret the motivations, decisions, and experiences of coastal Cambodians, both those who leave and those who stay in the village.

Over the last decade, Furqan has worked at the intersection of environment, policy, and international development across a variety of institutions, including the WorldFish Center (Philippines), United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment, and Health, and the International Development Research Centre.