Kacper Zajac joins the Law Group

Published on
March 20, 2023

Kacper Zajac is a post-doc researcher at Wageningen University working with the REBALANCE project.

He holds a PhD in law from Aarhus University (2023), a LLM from LSE (2017) and a LLB from Aberystwyth University (2015). Kacper worked in the private legal sector in London (2015-2019) and then was a Visiting Professional at Trial Chamber X of the International Criminal Court (2021) as well as a Legal Trainee to Vice-President of European Court of Human Rights, Judge Bošnjak (2022-23). He has also previously taught European Human Rights at the postgraduate level.

Kacper specializes in Human Rights, European & American Criminal Procedure, International Criminal & Humanitarian law, Comparative law as well as US & UK Constitutional law. He has published extensively in those areas, including in the European Journal of Law Reform (2017) and The Law & Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (2021).

We warmly welcome Kacper to our group!