Caterer Compass Group Nederland

Since 1 August 2023, Compass Group Nederland has been the new caterer in a large number of WUR buildings, including Forum, Orion, Aurora, Leeuwenborch and Atlas. Compass uses different catering concepts for the various locations.

Grand Café Forum

The Grand Café in Forum offers "Coffee Rituals", a wide choice of coffee specialities and fresh tea, such as lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, mint tea and ginger tea. Sweet and savoury snacks and quick lunches are also available, such as sandwiches, wraps (vegetarian and with fish/meat), muffins, apple turnovers and vegan cheese rolls.

Restaurant Forum, Leeuwenborch and Orion

In the restaurants in Forum, Leeuwenborch and Orion, Compass applies the concept of "Crust" with the motto 'life is what you bake of it'. Here you find freshly baked sandwiches with various toppings. "The melting pot" offers an international range of menus, including hot (wok) dishes, and Asian, Mediterranean, American and Latin American street food. Salads, bowls, juices, smoothies and (vegetable) dairy products are also part of the range. There is also a wide choice of basic products for different budgets, such as low-priced sandwiches and loose hard/soft sandwiches.

Coffee corner Aurora

In Aurora, there is also a coffee corner with coffee specialities and fresh tea, in addition to sweet and savoury snacks and quick lunches. The Earth's Kitchen restaurant. recently opened, offers a completely vegan menu with sandwiches, street food, salads and hot bowls.

Coffee kiosk Atlas

In Atlas, there is a coffee kiosk with an Italian atmosphere, focused on 'Dolce far niente', enjoying the good life. In addition to the usual coffee choices, Italian specialities such as the Sicilian Cannoli, are available.