Special collection of crop wild relatives of leek collected in Greece


The collection includes the three crop wild relatives of leek, collected in Greece in 2009:

  • Allium ampeloprasum
  • Allium bourgeaui
  • Allium commutatum 

The number of accessions will increase over the coming years as regeneration of the material is slow.

Accession documentation

Distribution procedures

Distribution bags contain 100 seeds per accession. The accessions have been obtained under a Material Transfer Agreement (see right) in which it is stipulated that the material  can be used freely only for research purposes. In case the material will be used in a commercial context then a specific agreement with the Greek authorities is needed. Ordering the material can be done via contacting Rik Lievers.


CGN does not accept any liability for the incorrect identity of the material, insufficient germination or the presence of diseases.