Statutory research tasks WUR

Statutory research tasks

Wageningen University & Research supports the government in the implementation of laws and regulations that are needed for safe food and healthy animals, and to guarantee a sustainable environment. This is set out in an agreement called the ‘WOT statute’.

The implementation of the statutory research tasks is incorporated in one institute and five programme units.

Institutes for Statutory Research Tasks:

  • Wageningen Food Safety Research is an innovative partner in food safety research. It is specialised in measurements, provide expert advice, are a national and EU reference laboratory and performs top-level research.

Programme units for Statutory Research Tasks:

  • WOT Besmettelijke Dierziekten (WOT-BD) conducts legal research tasks on behalf of the Dutch government in the areas of animal health and animal diseases control. European and Dutch legislation and international treaties form the basis for this. (Ducth only)
  • WOT Natuur & Milieu ensures a professional and reliable implementation of the Legal Research Tasks in the policy area Nature & Environment. (Dutch only)
  • The Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) conducts, on behalf of the Dutch government, statutory research tasks associated with the conservation of genetic diversity of species that are important for agriculture and forestry.
  • Centrum voor Economische Informatievoorziening (CEI) is concerned with the efficient and effective collection, processing, recording and management of databases and presentation of statistical data on various activities of players in the agricultural sector and rural areas in the Netherlands and abroad. (Dutch only)
  • Centre for Fisheries Research (CVO) provides management advice and is engaged in tasks related to the management of fisheries and tasks that are laid down in national and international legislation such as the collection of data on fishing and fish stocks.