Regional Development and Spatial Use

Meet ROR, a dynamic team of interdisciplinary scientists committed to empowering regions, cities and areas to harmoniously develop and coexist with natural and social systems. We tackle economic and social challenges by applying cutting-edge scientific knowledge to real-world scenarios. Collaborating closely with partners our expertise spans diverse domains, ensuring solutions that align with the natural landscape, community needs, and economic viability.

Our expertise

Bridging nature and development

Our team excels at optimizing development in harmony with nature, whether it's enhancing the environment, revitalizing rural areas or advancing the bioeconomy. We craft innovative governance models and policy measures, closely monitoring their impact. Engaged in key projects, like the Dutch government's nitrogen policy, we're pioneers in aligning development with the natural world.

Transformative system shifts for a brighter future

ROR contributes to system transformation related to various challenges: from achieving climate neutrality and resilience to crafting nature-inclusive agricultural landscapes. We promote green economies, enhance urban development with green spaces, and enable sustainable land and water management. We create natural industrial zones and prioritize well-being and health through public involvement in natural development.

Our approach

At ROR we focus on the practical application of our knowledge:

  • Research by Design: Making data accessible, exploring together the meaning of the data for an area, conducting scenario studies, and designing future visions for development based on the natural systems.
  • Facilitation: promoting the development of shared narratives and supporting discussions on common visions and planning measures.
  • Implementation support: Assisting in implementing measures, including novel governance and business models.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Reflective learning ensures effective collaboration, turning envisioned futures into reality.

We can support the sustainable transformation in your area

Reach out to us for support in the transformative journey of your area towards a sustainable and prosperous future. Together, we redefine possibilities for regions, cities, and areas worldwide. Experience the synergy between human development and natural systems, where ROR helps you to shaping the way to a harmonious world.