Sustainable water management

Sustainable Water Management

Water is essential to life and seemingly abundant and well-managed. Yet actually, our changing world is showing us the limitations of these assumptions. Ever more, we are beginning to realise that water, which serves us and our planet in so many ways, is highly underappreciated. That the importance of water, from many different perspectives, is not valued by all. Researchers and academics cooperating in the Sustainable Water Management programme aim to improve the quality of life by optimising water management for a clean, safe and healthy living environment.

Collaborate with us on sustainable water management

Wageningen Environmental Research develops scientific knowledge and measures based upon a sound understanding of our living environment. An integral approach towards the various water challenges is essential, and characteristic, to our work. Nature-based solutions are a key strength of our research. Our five intertwined and overlapping research topics focus on agriculture, society and governance, landscape, water quality and quantity, and deltas, covering our extensive knowledge and expertise.

Together with our research partners, such as national, regional or local governments, water authorities, foundations and private companies, we carry out fundamental research and more applied research on water management. Always striving for impact on society, addressing the challenges and questions we are facing as a society. Transforming and sustaining water systems into good, robust and future-proof elements of our living environment will help to improve the quality of life.

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