China is a priority country for Wageningen Univesity & Research


Collaborative partnerships are essential in achieving our mission of finding answers to global challenges. Wageningen University & Research cooperates with governments, academic institutions, the private sector and non-governmental organizations around the world. China is one of our key focus areas. Through four decades of collaboration with Chinese partners, we have created a powerful synergy in addressing global challenges such as climate change, the living environment, food security and safety.

China is emerging as one of the dominant players in agricultural science. The country is investing heavily in research and mitigation of the world's major problems, bringing with it the vast additional potential in terms of dedicated laboratory facilities, large-scale trial sites and access to academic talents. These resources complement to our existing facilities. They could make a significant contribution to achieving our shared goals. The problems China faces are often extremely complex and large in scale. The process of tackling them also provides a unique opportunity to generate new knowledge, which is essential to our ambitions to excel in science.

Wageningen University & Research is committed to an equal partnership and long-term collaboration with our Chinese partners while adhering to our codes of conduct, policies and guidelines on issues such as scientific integrity, intellectual property, and personal data protection. We develop and implement joint PhD programmes, exchange staff and students, and conduct ground-breaking research that addresses fundamental questions. Through collaboration with Chinese public and private partners, we advocate for science that has an impact, which involves conducting applied research, and developing and implementing innovations.

Wageningen University & Research is currently working on a large number of programmes with Chinese partners. To better support the ongoing projects and create enabling environments, our 'China Platform' - a WUR-wide advisory and consultancy team - provides a good source of knowledge and insight.