Latin America and the Caribbean

Wageningen University & Research collaborates with a broad range of partners in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, incidentally with companies and parties in Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba and Peru and occasionally in the other Latin American & Caribbean countries. The potential of Latin American and Caribbean countries to optimize production, secure own markets, add value and increase export of products seems to be evident. The region’s natural resources, on the other hand are of local, national and global importance. Sustainability and inclusiveness of production systems and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity will drive future developments.


Wageningen University & Research cooperates with research institutes, governments (at national and subnational level), private sector as well as with producer associations and civil society. We look at the societal and scientific challenges, the substantive link with the strategies and needs of the partners in a country. We ultimately strive for high qualified research and value creation in Latin America and the Caribbean and are eager to contribute together with local partners to a sustainable and inclusive further development of each country in its own socio-economic and political context.

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