Veilige voeding

Safe food

Food safety in our country is at a high level and Wageningen University & Research contributes by conducting research into food safety. We look into how the safety of food can be improved: from production to consumption. We conduct this research for the Netherlands, but also for the rest of the world.

Harmful substances

Ingesting too many harmful substances is bad for your health. Some substances are poisonous in small quantities, while others require much greater quantities to have an impact. Legal agreements have been made for nearly all harmful substances regarding how much of a substance you are allowed to ingest. Wageningen University & Research performs measurement audits for these under assignment from the Dutch government.


Food fraud is as old as mankind itself and is appearing in progressively more sophisticated forms. That is why advanced research techniques are now necessary to confirm the identities of products and determine or prevent fraud. This is especially true for products for which the external appearance does not allow you to see how they were made. Wageningen University & Research performs research into the authenticity of food and examines the composition of foodstuffs.

Effect of foodstuffs

If a producer wants to bring a new product to market, the possible effects of the food on humans and animals must be investigated. We are experts in assessing the potential negative effects of substances and ingredients.

Food production

In the food and agriculture sector, large-scale innovation is under way. This involves innovations and changes to primary production of food, as well as the transport, storage, processing, and preparation of animal feed and food products. Wageningen University & Research follows these developments closely and uses its knowledge to contribute to safe food production.