Food security and resource use: Turn to the experts

It is no secret that agro-production systems must be able to increase food production dramatically in the coming decades if we are to meet the growing global demands for food and biomass. What makes the challenge so much greater is the effects of climate change on agriculture. Moreover, the major resources to increase production are limited either on a global (fossil fuels and phosphorus) or regional (land, water and labour) level.

But there are solutions…

Wageningen UR scientists understand the need to stop wasting time, space or precious countryside and biodiversity. We believe that an efficient and sustainable use of resources is a precondition to our survival and an obligation to future generations. If you share that vision, Wageningen UR can support you in many different ways.

Agro-production systems: Our expertise available to you

At Wageningen UR we are used to partnering with agro-businesses to ensure they become more profitable, sustainable and socially responsible. There are many specific examples:  

  • We integrate global and local data and quantify processes that affect agro-production systems to assess crop potential and resource use efficiency.
  • We formulate recommendations for smart and sustainable intensification and improved resource use.
  • Based upon agronomic knowledge and understanding of agro-production systems, we assess water, nitrogen, phosphorus and other crop requirements, as well as the environmental impact of food and biomass production systems.
  • Linking to real world solutions we combine agronomic knowledge with socio-economic context to provide feasible guidance to enhance food security at local and national level also in the light of climate change.
  • We apply, design, test and develop
    -    Innovative agro-production systems for plant oil, bioenergy and other bio-products to support bio-based business and economics
    -    Agro-production systems to improve nutrient use by recycling from urban and rural organic wastes
    -    Sustainability indicators for benchmarking production methods of various food commodities in value chains.

Let’s talk…

From our base in Wageningen (NL), we partner with other research institutes, NGOs, public institutes and private businesses around the world to solve research questions and bring them decisive steps forward. This enables us to integrate our agro-production systems work with socio-economic analyses and broader value chain projects. We would welcome the opportunity to explore this world together.

Wageningen UR contributes to a sustainable intensification of food and biomass production systems by reducing the carbon footprint, and increasing the water use efficiency, energy, labour and land. We conduct scientific research using advanced analyses, design and assessment tools. Business/market-oriented advisory and consulting services are provided in the following areas:

  • Food security and feedstock supply
  • Climate change impact and the risks for food production
  • Agro-production systems performance for farmers
  • The environmental impacts of food and biomass production systems