Mitofood offers a research community for nutritional optimization of mitochondrial function for health promotion and disease resistance.

The aim of this COST action is to establish an integrated research community linking Nutrition and Mitochondrial Physiology for health.

The Mitofood action has three main objectives:

1. To establish an integrated scientific community in the area of Bioactive Food Components, Mitochondrial Function and Health, focussing on:

  • Identification of new food bioactives that affect mitochondrial function   
  • Understanding how nutrients affect mitochondrial function
  • Strategies, methods and determination of mitochondrial requirements for specific nutrients

2. To facilitate cross-talk between different existing research programs and to develop new research initiatives, including the writing of collaborative research proposals

3. To develop a roadmap for research and innovation.

While the COST Action has ended, the mitofood community is alive.