Online Course Principles of Sensory Science


Online Course Principles of Sensory Science

Are you looking for an introduction in the world of sensory science with a focus on eating behavior? Would you like to broaden and deepen your theoretical knowledge and gain the latest insights from present real world research? And are you looking for an integrated approach where food technology, consumer and nutrition science interact? Then this university-level online course is something for you!

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Mon 2 March 2020 until Sun 31 May 2020

Duration 13 weeks / 80-90 hours in total
Location Online
Price EUR 1,395.00

Practical information
Registration deadline 11 February 2020
Price Per person, including tuition and course materials.
Not included The book Sensory Evaluation of Food - Principles and Practices themselves. Authors: Lawless, Harry T., Heymann, Hildegarde (2nd ed. 2010 ISBN 978-1-4419-6488-5)
Min /Max. participants 12 - 30
Rating 4.4 (scale 1 to 5), 2018 edition

Programme and topics

The course consists of course learning materials, practical tutorials, knowledge clips, student/faculty interaction on assignments and by email, course discussion platform for fellow student interaction and interactive self-tests of the learned concepts and applications. Participants follow this online course in the same pace. The duration of the programme is 3 study credits, ┬▒ 80-90 hours of study spread over the total period. During the course fixed dates are set when assignments need to be handed-in, consisting of both individual and group work assignments. The following topics will be discussed:
- Introduction to sensory science
- Basic sensory methodology
- Sensory perception and evaluation: the sense of smell
- Descriptive sensory methods
- Sensory perception and evaluation
- Interaction between the senses

For a full overview of the programme, course schedule and topics download the flyer.


After successfull completion of this course, you will:
- Have insight in basic theoretical principles of sensory science.
- Know how to select and apply sensory methods.
- Have an overview of functions and physiology of the flavor-related senses and how they interact.
- Have insight in design and setup of a sensory experiment.
- Know the challenges of setting up a sensory test in a scientific way.

Target group & requirements

This online course is designed for professionals acquainted with food and nutrition topics with a BSc level by working experience or study. Understanding of basic statistical data analysis and tests (e.g. T-tests, ANOVA) are pre-assumed.

Course instructor

The instructor of this online course is dr. S. (Sanne) Boesveldt, Wageningen University, Division of Human nutrition and health.

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