Prime Diagnostics

Prime Diagnostics produces reagents and systems for detection and identification of plant pathogens. Prime Diagnostics supplies high-quality diagnostic reagents and services that meet the specific requirements of inspection services, research organizations and companies involved in plant breeding and crop protection. Our knowledge is rooted in plant research at Wageningen University & Research.

Research and customer needs

Initiated by market and customer needs, Prime Diagnostics develops products in close collaboration with partners from the agricultural sector and renowned research groups. We have modern laboratories for R&D and manufacturing of antibodies. All reagents are produced under strict quality control. Prime Diagnostics adds expertise in serology, validation and plant pathology to its products. In this way, Prime Diagnostics bridges the gap between innovative research and current market needs.

Order via webshop

In our webshop you can order all the reagents you need for your diagnostic tests. Here you will find all our current products in one place, you can make your own selection and order swiftly and easy. For any questions or assistance in signing up, contact us via

Products are world-wide available

Prime Diagnostics wants to supply cost-effective solutions for plant diagnostics and strong technical support and after-sales. Our mission is to supply our customers with high-quality tools, technologies and services that are reliable, easy to use and profitable. Products are available world-wide, through direct sales and an extensive distribution network. That makes us a trusted partner of leading laboratories and seed companies in the agricultural and horticultural sector.

Terms of delivery

  • Only written orders that have been accepted by Wageningen University & Research will be handled.
  • Most products are usually available from stock and are shipped within one week on receipt of the order. However, to ensure timely delivery, orders should preferably be placed 8 weeks prior to the desired delivery date.
  • All products are supplied under the condition that they are for the exclusive use of the customer. They may not be sold nor handed over to any third parties.
  • Most of the conjugated antibodies are stabilized with bovine serum albumine (BSA). Due to European legislation (EU DIR 1774/2002 and 668/2004) the use of BSA is not allowed in fields of human or veterinary medicine, agriculture, food or cosmetics. Therefore we need the customer’s confirmation that the ordered product, containing BSA, will be used exclusively for research and analytical purposes. A form for the written declaration can be obtained on request.
  • Recipient shall use the material in appropriate containment conditions only for research purposes. In no event Wageningen University & Research shall be liable for any use by recipient of the material or any loss, claim, damage, or liability of whatever kind of nature, which may arise from or in connection with this agreement or the use, handling or storage of the material. Wageningen University & Research shall be safeguarded by the recipient company against any claim regarding these matters.
  • Permits or customs formalities necessary for import by the customer of the ordered goods are not the responsibility of Wageningen University & Research. It is the responsibility of the customer that they see to this prior to placing an order. All necessary permits need to be in the possession of Wageningen University & Research before an order can be shipped and Wageningen University & Research can not be held responsible for any damages that might occur from import problems.
  • Wageningen University & Research does not accept the responsibility for any direct or indirect damage that might arise from the use of delivered products. The recipient may not hold Plant Research International responsible for the delivered goods nor hold Wageningen University & Research responsible for any damage that might arise from delivery. Wageningen University & Research shall be safeguarded by the recipient company against any claim regarding these matters.