Brochure about methane

What is methane? How long does methane live in the atmosphere? And what is the best policy regarding methane? For policy officers and other interested parties, Wageningen Livestock Research has compiled knowledge in the brochure: "Ten questions and answers about methane, a short-lived greenhouse gas."

Livestock farming is a large source of the greenhouse gas methane. This contributes to global warming. But it is a gas that is quickly broken down again. In this brochure, we explain exactly how this happens and the calculations behind it.

The following topics are covered:

  1. What is methane and where does it come from?
  2. What is the difference between biogenic and fossil methane?
  3. What is the total amount of methane in the atmosphere?
  4. What is methane’s life span in the atmosphere?
  5. How does methane disappear from the atmosphere?
  6. Do carbon dioxide and methane retain the same amount of heat?
  7. How is the total greenhouse gas effect calculated if the effect of gases is so different?
  8. What do the differences between GWP100 and GWP* look like for agriculture now?
  9. Which value is better for measuring how much methane causes?
  10. What is the best option for methane?

Download the brochure